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Southern Living Magazine Subscription

Southern Living Magazine Subscription

Southern Living is a home and gardening magazine celebrating the diverse cultural traditions, cuisine, home designs, gardening trends and fashion styles in the cities and communities that make America's South so unique. A subscription to Southern Living is ideal for anyone who wants to know about all the best the South has to offer!

Best Deal: $14.95 from   Magazines.Com with coupon code GRAD ($1.15 per issue)

5 Star Rating 3 Reviews

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Merchant Title Issues Price Coupon Code Discount Price Per Issue  
Magazines.Com Southern Living Magazine Subscription 13 $19.95 GRAD $14.95 $1.15 Visit Store
Magazines.Com Southern Living Magazine Subscription 26 $35.00   $35.00 $1.35 Visit Store
Southern Lady Magazine Subscription  

Southern Lady Magazine Subscription 5 Star Rating

Southern Lady magazine captures the spirit of today's southern lady who moves fast forward in the modern world while holding tightly to the culture of the south that flows within her. Each issue appeals to her gracious lifestyle, rooted in the ways o

  from $9.99
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Southern Celebrations Magazine Subscription  

Southern Celebrations Magazine Subscription

Southern Celebrations, bringing you more of what you love, from DIY to Real Celebration Inspiration. Every occasion in the South is worth celebrating!

More Information
Southern Boating Magazine Subscription  

Southern Boating Magazine Subscription

Southern Boating magazine focuses on the boating lifestyle and covers the Chesapeake Bay area down and around Florida, the Gulf Coast over to Texas as well as the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Subscribe now at the lowest price available!

  from $9.97
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