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Astronomy: 1 Year $17.96
Businessweek: 1 Year $70
Car & Driver: 1 Year $5.40
Consumer Reports: 1 Year $23
Discover: 1 Year $14.95
Economist: 1 Year $99
Entertainment Weekly: 1 Year $29.95
ESPN: 1 Year $7.50
Food Network: 1 Year $12.00

Men's Health: 1 Year $12.95
National Enquirer: 1 Year $99
New Yorker: 2 Years $99
Newsweek: 1 Year $79.99
Penthouse: 1 Year $35.95
People Magazine: 1 Year $101.95
Popular Mechanics: 2 Years $20.14
Popular Science: 2 Years $13
Real Simple: 2 Years $40.56

Rolling Stone: 1 Year $12.99
Scientific American: 1 Year $34.99
Sports Illustrated: 1 Year $34.95
Southern Living: 2 Years $35.00
Time: 1 Year $24.95
TV Guide: 1 Year $20
Us Weekly: 1 Year $19.90
Wall Street Journal: 3 Mos $12
Weight Watchers: 1 Year $6.95



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