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Stone Voices Magazine Subscription

Stone Voices Magazine Subscription

Stone Voices is a printed serial publication with a focus on the connections between visual arts and spirituality. Published four times a year, each issue includes artist portfolios as well as articles, essays, fiction, and poetry. Stone Voices has been praised for its diverse approach to its topic and its beautiful presentation of image and text. It is printed on top quality paper and bound like a book. The intention is to offer inspiration, commentary, and insight to artists, art enthusiasts, and all walking the spiritual path.

Price: $38.00 from   BlueDolphin.com ($9.50 per issue)

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Merchant Title Issues Price Coupon Code Discount Price Per Issue  
BlueDolphin.com Stone Voices Magazine Subscription 4 $38.00   $38.00 $9.50 Visit Store
African Voices Magazine Subscription  

African Voices Magazine Subscription

African Voices magazine is the preeminent journal of the arts for people of color. With short stories and poetry, book and music reviews, and historical profiles and features on contemporary artists and musicians, this rich cultural heritage is explo

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Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription  

Rolling Stone Magazine Subscription 4 Star Rating

The premier rock and roll magazine, Rolling Stone's sphere of influence reaches into entertainment, movies, television, technology and national affairs. Rolling Stone covers everything that's important, trend setting and newsworthy to the thought lea

  from $13.00
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