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Music Week Magazine Subscription

Music Week Magazine Subscription

Data, insight and essential analysis Music Week has been the voice of the music business for more than 50 years. Now it is building on that legacy with a series of changes to ensure it provides a service for the needs of a rapidly evolving business. The emphasis of our work is on providing the information, insight and analysis essential to understanding the digital environment, today's global market and fresh opportunities in live and recorded music. For unlimited access to Music Week and musicweek.com and other exclusive content, you now need to subscribe and there has never been a better time to subscribe to Music Week. Only subscribers receive exclusive access to Unlimited online access Weekly print edition A digital version sent to your inbox every Monday morning The Music Week directory Daily newsletter Free iPad and iPhone apps And other new media services Digital only package also available Digital Packages rates are inclusive of VAT.

Price: $482.95 from   Magazines.Com ($9.66 per issue)

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Magazines.Com Music Week Magazine Subscription 50 $482.95   $482.95 $9.66 Visit Store
BBC Music Magazine Subscription  

BBC Music Magazine Subscription

BBC MUSIC is passionate about the world of classical music and provides an expert monthly guide to everything an enthusiast needs to know. Covering all aspects of live events, broadcast and recordings, it gives you unrivaled access to the greatest mu

  from $59.70
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Texas Music Magazine Subscription  

Texas Music Magazine Subscription

Texas Music Magazine is an entertainment magazine that focuses on the people, places and events that make Texas the most diverse music region anywhere.

  from $13.50
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Music Teacher Magazine Subscription  

Music Teacher Magazine Subscription

Take out a subscription to Music Teacher, the magazine that will inform, assist, inspire and entertain anyone who is involved in teaching instrumental or vocal music, whatever the context they are working in. Written by a mixture of practitioners at

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